Tuesday, September 4, 2007

David Geffen's $100M Pad

Mama at the Realestalker says this place might be on the market for $100 million. If Mama says it you can take it to the bank. Although this is not on the open market yet it should be soon. How many landscaper's do you think Geffen employees to keep the grounds looking this good? When Geffen Remodeled this place he was rumored to have spent 20 million on the landscaping alone! They say you can afford a lot of 'bush' for 20 million. Not Geffen though, he is the richest,or one of the richest openly gay guys in the world.

Keeping Up With The Jones's
Or in this case the Saperstien's. Notice how the Geffen Estate sits right accross the street from the Saperstien Mansion. The Saperstien house is on the market for $125 million.

Tobey's Place in Hancock Park

Traditionally a bastion of old money and elegant traditional estates, Hancock Park is becoming younger and hipper with stars like Tobey Maguire calling it home. According to Big Time Listings, Angela Bassett, Isaiah Washington, Joey McIntyre, Anne Heche and Gwen Stefani all own or have recently owned property here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kathy Griffin's Home in Studio City

As much as the "gays" love Griffin you would think she would live in WeHo instead of Studio City. Oh well, at least this property has a great view of Universal Studios for whatever that is worth.

Ashley Simpson's Humble Abode in The Beverly Hills Post Office

Alright it really isn't that humble but I like the way the headline read.

John O'hurley's Place in Beverly Hills

The suave and sophisticated funny man has lived here since 1990.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Paris Hilton's Flip

Paris Hilton, real estate genius? All the blogs are saying this will be her next house. She is rumored to have this place under contract. Do you think that she has figured out that she can put a place under contract and all the resulting publicity will spark curiosity in the property?Maybe she can then "flip" the house for a profit? Who knows, stranger things have happened, I guess.

Robert Wagner's Ranch-Style Home in Brentwood

Robert Wagner, R.J. to his friends, is unloading his big ranch style house right off Sunset in the Sullivan Canyon area of West L.A.

He has owned this house since 1973 when he paid $220,000, according to the Realestalker. Ruth Ryon from the L.A. Times says that this baby went for near 15 mil. Well we don't know how "near" but we'll see what Mr. Big Time says, because he is the purchase price guru. Still, R.J. you did pretty good on this place money wise. We figure about a 24 percent annual return on this 34 year investment.

Ever wonder how life imitates art and vice versa? Remember Hart to Hart the TV show where Robert Wagner plays a suave and wealthy Millionaire? In real life Robert Wagner is certainly suave and wealthy. The show "Hart to Hart" was set in a big ranch style estate up in old Mandeville Canyon. Mandeville Canyon is only one street over from Old Oak Road where this place is. In "Hart to Hart" Wagner's character, was married to a sexy and slightly younger red-head, played by the beautiful Stephanie Powers. In real life he is married to Jill St. John who to me is very similar in looks and stature to Miss Powers (i.e. they are BOTH smokin' hotties!!) See what I'm saying? Weird huh?

If you like these types of houses (I have to admit a soft spot in my heart for them) then West Los Angeles is where you need to be. Most famously, Brian Grazer is trying to sell his ranch-style monster, right down the street in Pacific Palisades. Check out the radical remodel the Grazer's did. We featured it a while back. This may be the most expensive "flip" in America at $27.5 mil.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Most Expensive House in America

Does this look like 165 million to you? Me neither, but this is an interesting property. JFK and Mrs. JFK spent part of their honeymoon here. This was also once the love nest of newspaper baron WilliamRandolf Hurst and his mistress Marion Davies.